Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Today's Light Script - Low Level Lion's Gate

Acrony; Plutonian White Face - PWF and the Plutonian Yello on Brown - PYB1 and the White Face NON Plutonian Yello - WFNPY1 or W1 and Nebron - W1Y1;;
Here is a list above some acrony's listed on the metaphysician notes today on the audiobooks listed today. Starting a fast beginning morning hours after midnight. There has been an airstrike generous. On levels of naval and air. PYB1 has been shown trebled with a few PWF that want to do it now. There is an equation/equilibrium/equality sign; that are right at the door during the fasting or your eating gain. THERE IS A DEPLETION LEVEL on both. The face of the crusted one is the PYB1 where the gut distends and cramps that alert you of everything incorrect with the physique. Time is the same. The first 3 is the depletion level where the PWF is magnificent in a no order rhythm for that time. The next 3 is easier on your own as long as they are rhythm. Other than that, it is your money you did on your own with no transcript to save anyone. Heavy weights love to fast. We are able to eat which is like doing it on purpose; our frame is not heavy. There is transcript from PWF w/ PYB1 and also W1 that weighs which one is the best. They strike on the lower side and leaves Sirian 1 or Y1 in language display to do it better. IT depletes me heavy. I am ability both food and not food during the Low Level Lion's Gate special. Our call on this name is jurisdiction too. Too many PWF that know; so the LOW LEVEL has already and is here NOW. Thanks!
PS: I work by myself. There are ones that like to hang low on the left as I state and during the intermission of 3.

Eating ; Preparation ; and Not Eating will never interfere with you until you start listening to the Light Gestures. The mapout from all Nebron and the PWF effort will try to maintain the same. There is an intercession or a resti they do more than the average when there is food during this planning. When not eating during the planning, it is more but generously doing some blo hicks. lol. 👄😓
All the strikes of manhold go from a solidifx toward a gaseo back to back to back when the 3 takes to the next one; until you see the door is NOW or reality.
There is a food card that is scribed toward the 1 that holds place during these intercessions or resti's. The PWF try to replace the fear loader with food mealtries very badly.
Literally, I may not even recognize this gaseo solidifx entry LOL.
PS: The PWF's do alot of Jacob's Ladder; try to get caught up with that in the bible if you are able cause this will allow you to recognize what he is when he is good and when he is not in front of God back to back in their language. He runs up the ladder never really and plays with God the entire time. The PWF mission is steady. Here is Jacob's Ladder trailer.

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Metaphysician Notes - 7-30b

Metaphysician Notes - 7-30c

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  1. W1-P or W1 minus P / plutonian; Yes. His name is Michael. This is an era of Jaco Ladder where god doesn't like people too much and he indulges with him. god has to recognize once W1-P is depleted and never never never does it show. This is one that doesn't where white face but has it. The depletion view is only felt and the next set is delivered at a now rate. Thanks

  2. Still working on Spells / Wiccan from ; and recognizing that the 3 max with PWF is the soluble factor that is noted along with a few more. It is a Gas Attack blast that will be the first part of the solution again. It is noted as ammonia and anything that wants to take it back normal. The first 3 in the 6 series is nominal and may situate it there for a listen. The next 3; if that is possible; will notifiy me more linger. However, when finishing up that series, will try to blast. Thanks!

    1. The gas attack blast is also a Q1 abort system for baby knowledge.

  3. Update on the Motor Glider transission
    w/ some dates on the 1000s HG.
    There are two PWF's 21 and 15 that will be met
    as the interstay only. Not the one's here.
    The same as W1. A 20 year dry.
    All is all and nobody wants to do it. It is a must that
    they are distingued with all they do. According to its own.
    I must amaze myself on the way. However, they are neither
    here nor; but I am doctrine.

  4. going in to make a donation next week and
    needing to make sure the bloodline is exclusive
    from any signs of a pregnant look [gas attack spell/wiccan];
    like dust mite attack gitis. Been laying low in Septune.
    i have 1 week and there is weight gain for plutonian to
    ask so many.
    The best possible like in spades; the descended gut area
    is a focal point for this eye grid monkey looksey.
    The only way I can find out is if I play games with a hoody.
    1.) The gut will look good. But not at all question either.
    2.) The gut is there but is low enough for me to speak.
    3.) There is no gut on that level in 6.

  5. My whole generation is not to involve myself with major instigators that the sh is good. Of course. The only one that would show me that close up without me trying to see it; is the educator/duckout level; that wants to do what you are doing the most and gets h up on the only level that does not involve itself where the person gets hurt. on purpose. And doesn't look and everyone want to do it at the same time. but there is no light/money/lengthy or short/friendly/engaging;;
    I have to look the other way.

    1.) NEVER show me you can fu/c/k] only if you know I am the F; any plutonian level that shows you alot; in your go getter get up; is always the stud. NEVER do they try to do it all.

    2.) NEVER show me you can fu/c/k] if I am not her yet;

    3.) NEVER show me you are good;

    4.) NEVER do me any favors that would say I am her now; kill spree like her when she is doing it;
    * She kills you first
    * Doesn't let go of the money
    * Brings it back to me
    * Then dies out to learn how to f
    * Then gives men all day long that are like her not
    * Then gives old all day long
    * Then gives men all day long
    * Then lives out how much her and his and all money
    * Then all live together and show it
    * Then they all say we need to learn him; but dressed like
    the one I know now
    * He gets murdered
    * They all arrive back like him
    * None F ; they wait ;
    * None T ;
    * None J ;
    * None too good in front of each other; he may murder you;
    * He tries to recollect what she was doing; and the wife;
    * They all show the next one
    * They all need him to see why
    * They all need everyone to speak
    NO LIGHT ; money ;; to jo