Monday, July 29, 2019

Cash Call - Light Patrole

In the nation 14 years ago and all its troops have came to see a push shove function and deliver it to the world.
Recall babyshaman with the Unite the Collective; Team Light. And we are in order at the world function of 4D native signature low on the go with all of its members present.
This is the only one and we have 10 days to deliver this message from here on out the keepers nation. Mental state, agony, and any physical ailments are due and the money patrol is short tri spirit. Give it to me and the others will always see.
The water is the story. The red and the mighty are the ones that have to provide N provide S provide E and provide W so so so very long. We are now. Thank You
aka babyshaman then; aka Bana Fahgeo now; the galactic grid account Kenya Lynem and all troops remain steady. NOW

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