Saturday, July 27, 2019

Metaphysician Notes - The TALK, The PhySex, and The CASH


- He is the one; he is the one ; he is the one;
- Careful

There is a frequent comer and goer that wants to do the same thing I am. Once he does it he doesn't faggot a generation with himself ever again. And is very sorry for everything.

The only gesture I have right now, is to keep silent and moving and I do not end a talk forever until I reach a conclusion about me more than what is happening.

I am u ; I am u;; NEVER ;; I am u ; u are me;; U are me is always on top;;I have played that out without them knowing and it works. They are shown at the top level and all are saying that is that until they are exposed. They friten in the Light. That is fear. They are king on fear. I state to enter the kig pang on the right and that exposure is none. They are fear in their minds and remit to not to do it. They stay and say I am u. This is the most fretening and I am fear. They try to help while it has already happened. They resist all kinds of sound. Light is worse and dissolve and decay in front of you on a CAN stip.

OKAY;; I am u is forever. While they are here I am u is the only thing that gets all the cash in the world for all trockpe to hold. I am u hold all trockpe in their mouth like me too.

Okay;; I am u ------;;the one that only wants everything and it feels good now. As it is in their mouth, they see that it is too but they want it to show they are only. I see they are fear but they are hear to explain it tough. Alright again; I am u. This is the one that speaks now talk voo;;and brings all the grjke's to you too.

Okay;; talk voo and grjke's on the sign. what is that smell? And what is that gas? and what is that sex? And why is it talk too vou?

No man talks so long vou unless he is the t. It shows a pattern of disgust for life and is only that thing too. The more the talk, the more it is the monosf. talk shwcs to talk expert; that smell and gas is also the talk but older. it only happens once then they are agreci seeking to stop the one that did that; [ONLY DONE TO THE OLDEST PATTERN THAT DIDN'T DO IT AFTER YOU EXPO THE LIGHT];;[DORMANCY ONLY FOR THE JACKA];;

Okay;;The Talk;; It is a rounded form/b/g that wants to do you really bad but gestures there is someone; but that person is the one that does it. They start to talk more than the logis and avoids eye contack the whole time. Normally a creative genius doing while not knowing they are doing it. Narro esca's at wit/m/ll;;[THERE IS ONLY ONE TALK;;HIM;;THEY REFL THIS ONE THE MOST WHEN DOING;;BRINGS YOU BACK TO THE BEGINNING NEVER THE END THO;;]

Esca giving their cash. It's a budget. TALK to beginning;; CASH IS CASH ;; There is only one talk and they vou;;CASH is CASH cause it is used to gry back to the beginning. Like the TALK. The LENGTH of the lyzar black is superiorest to even him. It lives like you but isn't alive. Found a way to hide like this. PHYSex takes you back the beginning 2nd as CASH is king and the TALK is a first too. Cause it happens together with PHYSex. The ACT is the same but the shit is the trangling of all together that is ; their mouth; the exposure; the other guy;;almost someone living in a pale of trik waiting the next person. Not a live/s sequ anymore. TALK is immed;;PHYS is imme w/ TALK and CASH IS/they know;;
ARRIVAL is the scenario of all;;Does it arrive on my DEMAND??!?!
The lyzar black is the DEMAND mouth and is fake and is the main main where you hear from him anyway. The light crept out and they are now;;
NOT and them are told the same time this is a generat and they panick quick NOT NOT;;they panick more and know just/light up immed and have to be read RIGHTS. KNOWING they snatched shit in their dim lit and the RIGHTS they frequent to each other in that type of LAW that resides; they may have forgot but is useful like ROT;;[!!@^DORMANCY TO THE LIGHT ONLY THAT I MAY GET OUT OF THIS NOW;;IN A FOREVER PRODUCT HIM HE SEES I AM DOING/HIS IS FOREVER I KNOW;;];;[LYZR SHOWS TONGUE STROKE SLICK AND ASS WITH EYE SLI];;

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  1. I am the most rage once I start to witness they have done it again.
    CASH;; bringing it back to the beginning without them or me knowing it. There is a deliberation of sorts.
    some PHYsex;; it is brought to the side for you to prosper on silent. A myriad of FEEL and going to school; like you are with your teacher. A longer time than;;tho;;