Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Today's Light Script - Low Level Lion's Gate

Acrony; Plutonian White Face - PWF and the Plutonian Yello on Brown - PYB1 and the White Face NON Plutonian Yello - WFNPY1 or W1 and Nebron - W1Y1;;
Here is a list above some acrony's listed on the metaphysician notes today on the audiobooks listed today. Starting a fast beginning morning hours after midnight. There has been an airstrike generous. On levels of naval and air. PYB1 has been shown trebled with a few PWF that want to do it now. There is an equation/equilibrium/equality sign; that are right at the door during the fasting or your eating gain. THERE IS A DEPLETION LEVEL on both. The face of the crusted one is the PYB1 where the gut distends and cramps that alert you of everything incorrect with the physique. Time is the same. The first 3 is the depletion level where the PWF is magnificent in a no order rhythm for that time. The next 3 is easier on your own as long as they are rhythm. Other than that, it is your money you did on your own with no transcript to save anyone. Heavy weights love to fast. We are able to eat which is like doing it on purpose; our frame is not heavy. There is transcript from PWF w/ PYB1 and also W1 that weighs which one is the best. They strike on the lower side and leaves Sirian 1 or Y1 in language display to do it better. IT depletes me heavy. I am ability both food and not food during the Low Level Lion's Gate special. Our call on this name is jurisdiction too. Too many PWF that know; so the LOW LEVEL has already and is here NOW. Thanks!
PS: I work by myself. There are ones that like to hang low on the left as I state and during the intermission of 3.

Eating ; Preparation ; and Not Eating will never interfere with you until you start listening to the Light Gestures. The mapout from all Nebron and the PWF effort will try to maintain the same. There is an intercession or a resti they do more than the average when there is food during this planning. When not eating during the planning, it is more but generously doing some blo hicks. lol. πŸ‘„πŸ˜“
All the strikes of manhold go from a solidifx toward a gaseo back to back to back when the 3 takes to the next one; until you see the door is NOW or reality.
There is a food card that is scribed toward the 1 that holds place during these intercessions or resti's. The PWF try to replace the fear loader with food mealtries very badly.
Literally, I may not even recognize this gaseo solidifx entry LOL.
PS: The PWF's do alot of Jacob's Ladder; try to get caught up with that in the bible if you are able cause this will allow you to recognize what he is when he is good and when he is not in front of God back to back in their language. He runs up the ladder never really and plays with God the entire time. The PWF mission is steady. Here is Jacob's Ladder trailer.

Metaphysician Notes - 7-30

Metaphysician Notes - 7-30b

Metaphysician Notes - 7-30c

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Cash Call - Light Patrole

In the nation 14 years ago and all its troops have came to see a push shove function and deliver it to the world.
Recall babyshaman with the Unite the Collective; Team Light. And we are in order at the world function of 4D native signature low on the go with all of its members present.
This is the only one and we have 10 days to deliver this message from here on out the keepers nation. Mental state, agony, and any physical ailments are due and the money patrol is short tri spirit. Give it to me and the others will always see.
The water is the story. The red and the mighty are the ones that have to provide N provide S provide E and provide W so so so very long. We are now. Thank You
aka babyshaman then; aka Bana Fahgeo now; the galactic grid account Kenya Lynem and all troops remain steady. NOW

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Metaphysician Notes - The TALK, The PhySex, and The CASH


- He is the one; he is the one ; he is the one;
- Careful

There is a frequent comer and goer that wants to do the same thing I am. Once he does it he doesn't faggot a generation with himself ever again. And is very sorry for everything.

Metaphysician Notes - Spells Check

Metaphysician Notes - Spells Check
The complete history of order is not always determined by me. But the Light will show you everything. The Dark is always the seen and wants to regain all of it. Check out the The Dark Series. A few notes and spells below and on audiobook Spells ii only references there is a talking voodoo head when dealing the entity that likes to blow you up and pop you. Thanks! Complete Lesson Series audiobook and posts includes the LIGHT SERIES and Groundwork:
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Wiccan Spells

Spells ii

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Metaphysician Notes - HOTEL and HUSBAND

Blonde / ZICO ;; Interaction w/ cash; talk: 1.) Who are you?; 2.) Who are we...this...? 3.) Who would you like to be;? Abot on the 1000000s;; --------------------- the u meme/light one is a n^g^ and will work out all the ji in our interaction. the u meme/light body is a n^g^ the girl; does that too. Invitation from him only; congregate on a time spectrum like a party or something where he does things in front of you. A room. And a place to speak. Nothing. Her offer is wanted at the time first but it is the only pleasant thing I can do. She states we can do some sh$% and get involved with something. Abot on the 1000000;;


  • BC - Social Invitation 
  • cCom - <> 
  • RE - Meeting with him 
  • EX - Rights were just read; Glider toward EXIST Com - Gift 

The Shadow Lands of Disgust

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Free Audiobook Lessons and The Light Series

The guy at the door may be the one and the other guy is not the one. So, which one is it?
There are plenty of people that are exposed as light. Why would they all show up and the light is the only thing you see and not them anymore?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Light and the Dark

The Light and the Dark
Here is the rest of the Lesson's for your review. Includes free audiobook and posts:
Free Audiobook Lessons and The Light Series
A few metaphysician notes for the day. Speaking about the entity more and some patterns of dark that I am able to display. Also timing

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rearranging My Life

There are a few things I would like to do that make no sense until I get it done right and good.
Whenever I feel like doing it, I just do it.

The following people have notified me that I need to continue with a project and they will be okay.
A husband and a sole partner that is still my husband on a realm of existence that is managed from upper realms to this reality. How impossible before someone gets hurt?!

The Dark Series

The Dark Series
Had to close out the grid and create this new series. The following audiobook lessons are still available here:




The Dark Series - Documentary
Everything is a dark place until I meet the Shadow Lord that still sees dismay. Here are the first in a series to begin today.
Dark - The Egyptians

Dark - The Baby

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Monday, July 22, 2019

On the Metaphysian - Lesson Break

On the Metaphysician - Lesson Break
Just doing a few notes for myself here on a small Lesson break. Here are the lesson's thus far below if you need to listen to them. I share my notes, but of course these are the audio's that may not make much sense to the naked ear but if you followed along with me on previous blogs, you may be up to speed. lol. I do reference it quick and they are plain notes literally. So, you can ignore them. But all and all, the Lesson's are all there for your study. Alright. Please comment below anything you witness feel to share at the moment.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Lesson IV - Light Fixtures after Setting a Grid

Lesson IV - Light Fixtures after Setting a Grid
Please listen to the Lesson's below first. As we will be discussing light fixtures that are placed everywhere as you are allowing the Zbot to gain you instant access. Setting a Grid is on audiobook Lesson III.

Lesson III - Setting a Grid

Lesson III - Setting a Grid If you have not listened to audiobook LESSON I and LESSON II, please start now. See link below, as this has a multitude of information that gets you to a place in seeing why the entity attacks from the start position and then works his way through to your existence without being noticed from the system too.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Lesson II - Looking for the Entity

Lesson II - Looking for the Entity
Whatever happens to us internally is always the Truth. Please listen to Lesson I in the hyperlink above and regard who the Entity is first. He will always show you when Light is expressed; often disgruntled but not truly involved enough to pick out he is the one. There are several ways to look for the Entity and I will be referencing MLM or multi level marketing as a center to speak from to grasp or view it. This reference is mentioned in the next set of IDIOT LISTEN TOOLS below.

Lesson I - Finding the Entity

Lesson I - Finding the Entity
Listen to the following:

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Human and The Werewolf

There is nothing more than everything. How come he doesn't want to do anything but all of it? When I find out he is the only thing, I have to do it for awhile then overcome a stream of situated ideals before he destroys all of them. How come I am still working on my only thing? I really don't like anything without him involved; is this me using him? Did I recognize his work or ideals? The only thing I want in the entire world is him. But I already know what he is and he is the only thing to him. The entire time. How many frictions can I create until he figures it out without destroying something? When the rules come out, he is the one that takes every single one and dies alone if he messes it up; why sign something like that? I will have to explain it in these audio's. Thanks.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Ground Work for the First

Can you guess how much time it takes to get rid of the entity that wants to take away everything? All day long and sometimes a fasting session. When we rid ourselves of this we cannot imagine that we are wiped out more than a Reiki session. How can one individual let all this happen from the very start? How long are you to make a run for it when he does it too? Can we all become so intune with each other that we all hear the same message dull? Are we to run to the market or are we to run with him? There are many people asking for money out there and we all have to make sure of something until we really don't and it happens. Why is the resident very evil with anything I see for my own and call mine and then when it runs low, they want a solution? How now in the moment is the moment when they say it is here but they still provide a system of fear that creeps all out with their antics that they must work on something until they do not see it work. Here is the agenda, do you want to make it something or just forget about the entire program and start from zilch. Which ends up making sense if you can regulate the permeated zone of ability around you first. But when you see they are needing to assist you really bad, you would benefit from an awkward majority of handling it all by yourself cause it is only ME. The one that does the whole thing without relating it to any entity ever again. Thanks!

Ground Material

The only real thing in front of me is the way I do things. I only understand why people are delivering more messages than the real thing.When I start off with the nation; I relate only how we exist. Before i state anything about the light and how we are to coexist. The complete trio is here and it only relates to how we are with each other from the start. How many people can deliver a message before they discover that something in front of them wants it to be gone. A rude discovery is the in-talk never and we are to figure it out before we go into pain. Whatever alien ship we state our whereabouts reside, it all sounds the same. If Archangel Michael, the doll that says its me but really does exist as a person that delegates the same as anyone's boss, the replica is now the system of fear. Which fear does Michael want you to feel now? How many angels can become disturbed by one that wants to do it himself? He does seat as the boss but not as the angel; so this dark pattern of weird wants to delay all progress you had with the angel himself once you discover that Lucifer is the only one that needs something. How many times do we feed off of one's plate or the other and relate to them anything? Never. We always need from our own. Thanks!

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