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Comments Blog - Pagan's Entrance Lower Level III - Review - Updated Dates

Here is the last Comments blog article post and comments on it:

Expiring the Low Level Lion's Gate 2019 and entering the Pagan's Entrance Lower Level playout until August 31, 2019. The only excessive pattern of shadowing an ill.egitimate franchise is to make a tower assessment on how to engage with the next episode.

[NEW DATES::::👦👉👊 9/22/2019 to 10/02/2019 ;; ALSO to keep up with (H)ear Load:]☺✊✋👄👅👹

[Original Post with dated comments]:

There is a major concern about fluoride and how high to stand a window. The only people around me right now is me. Can there be a pattern of fluctuating episodes beyond a physical ailment of gory friction that one ANT/SI wants me to witness? No. The NI/g/aer| husband wear is toward the ANT/SI literally and really needed to get to me quick. I saw the NI tell tell but I knew the husband never cheated on me on witness view. I can tell this is the joke but it is quite real on CONSCIENCE wining. Woah. The Ex husband is always the CONSCIENCE friend of many females until she recognizes he cheated too. But the win win is in a conscience effort to never let me witness it. His approach to ANT/SI was to go around the new husband wear and talk the talk until he saw that he was more approach in men than he was with most women. He was overtaken then she ate him until he recognizes he dies. Then the husband wear did too. Instantly. The first and only family [the mother] is the one that shared the ANT/SI in order to rid the notion that a guy hurt her. Until the husband wear bit her like the ANT/SI does the longest; and went down the road of flanigism with him beyond the daughter. Then she changed her mind and he changed it back; when her husband tried to do the same, he bit him too and said this is the NI/g/aer| and showed gay the family may not recognize but only knew. Then the other daughter did it too. Then all panic relief only on him. As he is a guy, but he is the only one left. You would have to do someone else and the listen is the same. The daughters are there but they are showing a bit like me when a guy wants to hurt someone, they have to rid all notions. Then they went with the NI husband wear situation to figure it out, and saw it was the same. No man takes you unless it is your WILL. The first one said this literally as a guy's name she used to date and the other said it like the Bible. And it worked for a first date and then grown shit. When I spoke to both, they did not understand and locked up the grid that only men have to be and we don't exist anymore cause their father is now known as gay. I can't do anything anymore; and the SAD nation is unlocked and their rhythm is only him. Like the ANT/SI.
None of their nature was exposed or predisposed to show how I feel about people and why I speak and never respond. How are they to know me until I witness they are all on the same pattern of nature that wanted me dead. How often did I die and was Christ resurrected? Yes. I am the only one.



Now. All grids are located and the unleaven is new. It is the most of panic and attack and does not want to relive itself old or past yonder. However, whenever there is a desire to run me, it is now. But I don't want what they are sharing and they all are saying NOW. Today is Wednesday and I will acknowledge Comments for this blog until it comes to rest on the 7th day. The FAST is easy and powerful. Full of antioxidants and fluoride and does not need anything additional; including the NOW. There are people witnessing Everything. The Timeline has not changed and the ANT/SI is not expressed on it right now. Noticing it is Everything expressed; the whole guy/gal/him/her and will only need nothing to renew.


Acknowledging a household that shares MLM from the start. Will blemshem it to the advancement Kellog's grid that will show itself in the next ERA and will only be there for a Moon. Also, the walkthrough was discovered by MARKO himself and states all gold coins and XP's will bounce bump him toward the next level. An entrance over at the Pagan's House tower from the Courtpost position across the street in the East.





8/24/2019:11:23pm: The next level of nearer is hear. The start is now in a minute and 8/31/2019 to receive still remains. A few changes are noted: #placed them all in a kindle version documentary called Metaphysician Notes - YAC Fear Spiral; dream set located now in the East and a rhythm of chromosomal inheritance mentioned on patterns of fear and marriage situationals.
The fasting is still patterned to start. Having a sluggish takeoff. Set for 8/24 midnight, the 25th. Thanks.
✋✌👱👲😂💗😉. Note: higher suggest on who and when on chromosomal pre/gno [him and her] at seclae. \¡§
PS:Note: EVIL: her bank;

NOW: Good Account; does it bank? [ant]


ACCRUED INTEREST: out the way;;

8/26/2019:1:24pm: still bearing the entity with a food source and prolonging the fasting until tomorrow. Still uploading the Lower Level Pagan's Entrance until 8/31/2019. A couple audiobooks linked here below and needing to do some things with "Friends Now Nothingness":
4. CANCELING OUT THE ELEMENTALS. There are several different methods of doing this and I am personally okay with finding the ANT/em/ic/um locations first and regarding if the elemental is to be shown during the frequen|t|cy flow or if they are announced deceased. The location is set at the end of a major program; the normal environment without any notions.
Also on "Fasting Today"; apologies on audio sound. This fasting, with surround entities begging for attention at the utmost, is very the same before I say more easy. The beginning is always notifying me of something around me. I have included some spells & magik with this fasting. The spell includes a body gas attack and a belching session that only hurts the one outside Wiccan formation of a 1.2.and 3 zone; AND for none to regard a panic. The body is good. The air quality is sound. This Dry Fasting will ignite the spell and takes several times NONE to perform. Very formidable and close to several Dry Fasting methods that are famous for two different dry spells. This one is slightly damp. And good enough to hear on arrival [Note: Wiccan formation 1,2,3 zone]. There is plenty of talking and sound that needs to be heard and witnessed and it does say; no. There is no tongue. There is no mouth to preset a note. And the know is very frictioned on it. This SHOULD subside within 2 to 4 days. There is more friction than necessary and the talking may form into a diction that is noticed afar but here. ANT/viral.flu is the talking and ANT/bacterium is the adjustment of throat and thorax locations //[SOUND CHECK]\\ that need to ram into the One that finds nothing at the end of the day, but rhymes it again, then he comes back to check on it again and then we all find the bacteria is a recent finding of something else;; lol.
Friends Now Nothingness

Fasting Today

9/22/2019:3:31pm: alright; another food attack scenario. Outside of a fasting zone. Trying to gather on 2. How to place 2 days before an episode and deflate from there on either ; a two; or riso from there;;. On a 2 only with the episode, there are one to two things that can be nulled toward you and risen on 4 after the winds blow on 24. NULLED RETRIEVAL: 1.) Called: rescue the dog from heat; fliggle flaggle on stomach and if i can; death feeling;; #1. You are the boss/lead/never ego domain. #2. You feel it too; after the risen on 4; deliberately around the sun time; Protective on guard right now on hear: she is only looking;;roaches are streaming noise control and are deliberate and prusice;;see protective note under #3. #3. Points accrued at secla mentioned in your folder; a certificate; an assignment; how much N / ALL (mon-sun);after gathering; it is tightly sealed in a parchment and ready for lift. It is a red container and sealant is blue. regarding plastic, silver, and wood; let out like gnats reflective on 1 respectively.;it is located.;Protective: goggles only.; End.

9/28/2019:3:50pm: Utilizing Sunday as an entrance. Uncomfortable. Get up and go and delve into work. Lay down. and try not to rise with it in a bliss toward it. Thanks. End.

MAJOR NOTES IN ORDER Here: The Last Entrance "Daily Comments Blog" - I try to update this one daily until the fast is extinguished. : Called "Pagan's Entrance Lower Level"

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