Metaphysician Notes

Metaphysician Notes 8/22/2019:
Limited Schedule_Open Relations: With a bacterial reset chromonal exchangeπŸ’¬

Notes: There is only one death. [/two women]

There is more than one resurrection. [/two women]

Time is forever. [/one guy]

Unable to do [family;stronghold;placement]

One Time Share: The only review of our household is native and standing on grounds of American only. There are two people widow and one guy that is granted a certain rite of spirit for a residual to take place.
[SEPARATE; DISCLOSED; ASSIST; CLINI; GROUP/][TWO BEDROOMS; Objective: To separate the guy from the pussy for 1 month:10; w/o resentment;w/o overexchange of dialogue].

There are many ways to sign into a way but the only way is when there are people around you. That always knows the guy. This is the major master of ceremony. The main stay is the person Light One and the other Light Existence. There are people needing more love and some light and others just a buddy that is able to do everything. This is the main person that needs love. There is no light. And he needs people to talk in order to survive.

This playout is only an engagement of wits. The only person that needs Light is the other person never, but he plays it that way.

The other person is never the resent. The mainstay of the surrounding is me times 3 and then some social setting lab and group.

Both women are surrounding a slutty position. They do not need to wear anything;limited. They have a swim pool. And a game center. Their schedule is only the environment and their clinae.
LIGHT ONE is able to do household as One. LIGHT EXISTENCE is able to do household as One and Other.

The 1 month:10 is the only schedule; quarantine resistant. The main schedule here is a: Monday Never; Tuesday; Wednesday Never; Thursday Never; Friday Never; Saturday Never; Sunday Never;;

Location: Wilderness, City Landscape, Destiny Center;

Final Disposition: Clingy feeling; fucked up; slightly congested; heart attack spells disappear; a prison sentence final destinae;;




Metaphysician Notes 8/22/2019;12:55pm
Missed the FUCK Situation
Entity Attack


Everyone. There is not one person missing. Why are the one's asking questions in front of those and those? Can there be anything else to rid your degree?

The others are very conscience too. So how many are needing to go into the center? How many are needing to go into your door 2/1,000 and then attend a banquet? Are there many that are doing that for you? No. Then when I a private ceremony, how come you say shut up and then close the door? There are zero here.


When you are a witness for the most, but never the real, how are you dying 1/2? Then the real is the fake until you recognize I am the Lord Higher Soul Entity that wants to take everyone down below Never, but will if you need it.


When is the time? Never. The time is always at the door and never a shut up from here. Then are you willing to do it again? No. I am here to see everyone through and then take them here.


Can people want something so bad until it represents the All? No.

The other necessary member is always him. He is the last and needs to round everyone up for himself. Then why are they needing to do this all together? Cause they are needing to do it physical now. You are needing to do it now; shut up and come over to our door. Watch how we roll each other into it.


Okay, all are arranged in an order that takes and makes and procribits unto a universe of new. Can the only one know what he is doing until it comes to him? No. Then when are the kin and the one doing it again? Never.


Are you needing to do it more? No. Are you wanting to understand anything? No. Then where is all the talking and why do you say it to each other and loud to me in shut up?


Is there a rhythm that takes the only and builds them only on Fuck? Yes. Are you needing to do it more? No. Then when Fuck cures the solution, you can; okay! And that's that. Yes.


None. They are needing you to do it now.


Every person wants to do some and others don't and others won't; are you the only one that needs to do it until it...; Yes. Are you wanting it new? No. Are you needing it? Yes.


Can I do this all day? No. Are you wanting to do it until you are wanting something else? No. Can I go higher than this? No. Can I move through every hour like this? No. Can I fear this into something new? No. I am going to do it again. Are you doing this all day? No. Can I say shut up? No. I am needing to do it again until you know or until I see. I am seeing it now? No.


Is the water okay? No. I am doing this all day. Okay? No. Are you needing me to know what this is or are you okay? No. I am going until I think that this is the necessary fun. Yes.


Is the one your friend? No. Are you needing it to go? No. I am going to find a way to see something different cause I can't rhythm a guy to do it. Are you saying, so? Yes.

I will find it somehow and you are needing to do it now. Are you wanting me to do it until I see you are fun? No.


I am the only one. No. I gotta go.
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Metaphysician Notes 8/26/2019;1:53pm
The Schedule Again
Missing the Tribe

BEFORE: There are people needing to speak and needing to witness and also needing to view. How is all of this happening?
HERE: Already set the ANT/ic locations and have noted on the kindle book:
"Metaphysician Notes - YAC Fear Spiral; Spellbound 2.
The guy is always the antidote and the girl is not; the One is. I will have to go to a meeting soon in the lower realms/of necessary locations; and preset some tones to dialogue with an analog catalog system to check on which remedy/program/season is the best:
1.) Living with Her and Him; AND resenting. Offering when Him and the One are together for the length of marriage til death.
2.) Setting the ANT/ic's and relate regular schedule.
3.) ETAL; Visiting on a regular basis at their prison/secondary loc's for a normalcy review. [SOUND CHECK BULLSHIT]: Are you fucking kidding me? There's a fucking review? Are you needing to know how much more there is or do you need to know where I am or do you need to regard anything but right now? HELL would be the location and can be determined on procreate anywhere. OKAY. THANKS BULLSHIT SOUND! lol.
NOTE: "Setting the ANT/ic's and Earth Realm FUCK!!!!!" [BULLSHIT SOUNDCARD ROAM NEBULA] Are you needing to give it to me or not? I have to go back to that place and forget in some sorted fixture or way or whatever the fuck it is; I need to get back to Earth and recognize why or when or where the sound comes from to do this and jump the fuck on it. I suppose this is the sound. I am amped to do it again and again and figure out in the middle, after meeting Lucifer, I change my mind! lol. Well, I suppose I will know when it hits. I am noting it is fucked up relief! Blessed this occasion. I am really figuring that I am overwhelmed with FUCK and I have to do something with it normal. Normal is the feeling. FUCK is around; Normal is the feeling. WOAH!!!!! I am again needing to make a change [normal is the feeling];; FUCK! I have to do this now! lol. Wherever I am, the announcement is discrete and Lucifer seeks to find a way to dim something that is very normal. The psyche is normal and knows what is happening the whole time. The FUCK level is extreme excruciating normal to do it. Or to not miss it. It CAN be slicked or the One/Jnot can ride it toward the realm EARTH and figure it out from there; WOAH; BACK UP FRIEND. It CAN be slicked to another position than EARTH. Mostly, ride it toward Jupiter and ALL will be; discover this only around town and in the gutter forever around the level that is yelling. The NEVER location is at the end and may ride down to EARTH over and over and not discover I am at NEVER, where I would really NEVER come back - to EARTH again that for that or something like that; cause it hurts; Thanks.

Metaphysician Notes 8/27/2019;4:00pm
On generational levels of NEVER; the guy is never with the girl until he figures out he is not the girl. [it is not art; it is not jacob ; it is not simon; it is not jhn; it is not relief her ; it is not any elemental that needs to get back to art].
The guy is with the girl for a short time and never for a longer time than one session.


His white STOPS  [go]     ; black/WITNESSES
His black dark hair CONTINUES [stop] ; brenl/STOPS
His mouth LIFTS [place down];   jaw structure/FILTERS RESPONSE & GOES
His gut EXTENDS [keep going]; no ab/or ass; / STOPS N
N ; the least and the most ; [F goes through;everything tumbles over;]However, N F's Not and leaves "alone" very long until he finds the next. All girls pass away. The guys all have men and then women and rise up as her. He spends his time away from all. And finds the next NOT. NOT arrives only from me. When I have a magnfic. However, that is when I see him too right away to say he is good. The he leaves and all the women he is to bring up to show passes away immediately. Then he leaves alone for the longest time until he finds the next NOT. The only one that needs for him solely to leave him/her alone until they get around to it; buying his house. The end is that they all pass. This is all the main monkey rhythm.
NOT passes UP and spends time there for a long time until she is found by the N again later and she passes again. More UP. Until I discover it is the N too by this time. This monkey rhythm starts and begats the major sin "illegal contraband" if she has more more more friends than him. They all pass.
When he doesn't see any of them anymore after their passing. He goes to find his wife. This again, is when he is the girl. Only. Then she rises UP then grids toward the rising again and again until it is time to make the new guy for the girl. He then FADES away. This is another Monkey rhythm. [etal; until all the other kids are gone he just did with the ones that passed].
Until his FADING is the other person; the first LIGHT. [the first girl who passed away but she is now HIM]. This one is extreme Light I know and figure out she is needing to find another mate soon. This is the most S rhythm. Until she runs out of time. This is the most Dark rhythm until they fade again. [I should be considering Earth again cause I may forget why they are fading as Dark only;]. They are now the mom and father when you arrive to Earth. This would be NEVER. NEVER/UP for me if I play all of them out ME without their involvement and Earth is recalled only. ME as I play all of them out best suits ME and not any of their ill tastes. I will resent it at first.
After the mom and dad is nation Art;Earth;I arrive that the light one is new. Art and all the generationals are now Dark. The Light is now on my realms ready as ME. The mom and dad restart this era of him again. NOW, the regenerates of ART; Jacob and the others back of him including her all play until they are Art too up in the realms each name sake. I am able to skip Earth and do ME higher than the last instead of all their ill tastes. Each come back toward Dark hidden and they are now the mom and dad on Earth. The last should be a Z nation.

Metaphysician Notes 8/29/2019;2:09pm
Audiobooks 8,9, and 10 @ 
; are referenced with this following information:
 Note: @ KNO; POINT OF SEPARATION; the right column: only heart to heart is the connect with him and wife. The separation happened, and NOW begins the alien sexual separation act. The point of enter. End.
The only person on this is the flash vortex locant and he does not want to be in harms way ever. The Ant/om is not the one we are finishing ever and it doesn't like people. He is no longer with me. He is forever with Light and wants to play games with everyone.
The only way I want to play this game is not; NOT KNO; the most great exception of the rule. The power is set on people and the representatives are really nice.
No person shares the same; but they are all trying to do it.
The capacity of living is minimal but the rate of Time trumps. Their is a space deliverance never. The main friction is me. The person is always with me. And the Time can be.  End.
sex or intercourse/ odd [only fu]: sex. all including nothing. locations: anywhere including cars and hotels and business locations in the back while you hear it/odd place for his money;yes. more odd; no. in front of people is normal and eye catches its happening. End.
When I am with a person, I am always with my husband. And time allots for this to be very space conscience that towards a nothingness but a location only. Not the guy.
There is a riddle, "whoever wants everything, gets it." I do not know this but the flash vortex/not.kno is the area that needs to figure out what it means; NEVER. The locant has already separated/defragment.diskcleanup the male from the female cord extensions. It has a choice of now entering into the RED. In the RED, the locant is now the KNO.
The locant is on everything. The other is always over there on everything and if I mention the Ant/om or the kno citidual, they are dealing the entire Ant/em but never all of it. The purpose of any locant to remain in realm is supported only on their dealings. Pure faith. Never trust. The entire bless is always the first Light. End.

Metaphysician Notes 8/30/2019;12:01pm

The Ant/Om would like to take a transaction to hell. And wants you too. There are hands there and I need a relief. And it isn't letting go; so it is hell. The last cord was defragged and I am left standing at another entrance. This next one is stating it is alright and wants to say it again different opposite. It is playing all day. It is speeding up to the same however, using her voice if I speak to high. It doesn't stop and is the largest. It doesn't comprehend. I am heading over to stay some notes on the most current blog post: called Pagan's Entrance Lower Level; it's a daily comments blog until I reach the history of this cry. In the red. Doing it. Lowering to it. Love it? Ok.
This audio track some personal notes speaking about the next journ on realm Pagan Entrance. It is rated mature audience. End.

Well, that said a mouthful.The husband is playing some things out with me; an era of before the church and some gov't stuff. 1.) A home of mlm at the dreamscape building. There is a home with another guy. The husband is the spirit that is able to speak. The guy doesn't know he is there and he speaks to me too. The spirit; 22/1000000/696;; No sex; 22/1000000/788.;; 2.) The spirit; 22/1000000;; Loud Clanging Spirit; 99/1000000/222;;Pagan Dungeon Sex program. Undressing and casual play in the front and end. Husband drinking water and clothing a bit/non at the final. The woman at post interview. Several gang milit members/clothed with papers and one with camera. Husband with his own camera. The fucking includes 2 men and 1 woman; 22/1000000/215;;Husband on right side. Ni/g|r joking;dancing;pissing;masturbating;loud not;deliberate;; 3.) The beyonc episodes. She spends time outdoors doing the sex. The dungeon alley. Hooker island. Drugs/coke/heroi; Husband is the L22/black/Ni/g|r/[close, arm up and leg up non;1000000/1290;;fucking includes two and there are others in the scene. around her. and down the alley. the husband is on the left right. fucking; 249;; Husband whisper non;masturbating;not loud;deliberate;; Also there is a house scene/movie night without the camera play. Some of the milit gang is there with their girls clothed in afterwork professional and clean but some areas to unbutton and do; like skirts and low blouses and button areas. Hair down beyond shoulders or up professional. Some wine and cocktails. Women thighs; so thickness is related to age bracket. Movie is going and has a slide on the end for all to interact slow to fucking; All couples hang a bit until they leave. most drunk. May be some cocktails;pills.
 4.) The cardi episodes; She fucks in hotels with her husband/possible drugs;;tongue play; he speaks 22/black/2199; camera and gang milit clothed/loud fuck gestures and yum ma explicits;husband is callback and states Ni/g|r.She is fear and whispers its tight and calls back "not so much".He calls back to her; don't mind these_they just wanna see fuck. [vagina;ass;mouth.tongue;;and may leave fingers their while husband is stated to do it, while they film and speak];[a last sit with guys and interview with husband;he needs to know if he can schedule some with her; noticed her nipples are perfect for some scenes and shows what he's talking about to husband. Then references her vagina and how he notices it hugs while blowing; not many. My dick can have her shooting some of that piss shit if your into fat ass and shit cum cause she's top and there's a blick right on the side of her vagina; and works well with how I fuck; some odd shit. #feels on his shit during this# She laughs and says I'm good with my husband. He laughs too. #the guy changes the subject and says the next shit.# They do fingers to show camera and speak and may state for husband to lick it. One guy: Have you ever been nipple flicked with a taser? #interview spoken after a break. she speaks normal about it. Little. It stings. Its fuck. The guys come in to adjust some shit and start the first flick. She screams and says Fuck. They all get close and ask you okay? They all may laugh and she'll speak it stings. Are you needing some of the guys to fuck you while your husband plays the rest? He can lick that nipple a bit during some ult shit. She sounds: ok. Middle Scene: extremist sex play;whip;some chains; excessive cum;;after the taser scene. There is a knife scene casual talk; like tattoo suffer. All the guys get close and start street talking and ask her for it. Camera. One guy is able to punch her soft while they are speak. and then slap hard her mouth with blood. He holds her hard at the clit and speaks. #99 weapon on husband to remain. She's scared and speaks #99 - not to do. Cuts around her face first and then around her breast on top; bleeding is excessive and left. Hair is pulled back and taunting in whispers and she may spit. The guy exposes the tip of his dick and forces her head after the slap. To nibble on it like its the husbands. and lick it. The camera shows her licking quick and kissing it. Tells husband to bend and get close to watch his wife soothe it. and states for him to speak her calm while he exposes the rest. #20 minutes of trying not to suck his dick. Forces her with her hair only and possibly drugs on the tongue. He shoots cum in her mouth without exposing the dick and it splodes out forceful and she chokes. The demented talks and acknowledges she can't fuck the crew and he does a slow deliberate one on the side and says we'll have to scar you. She frightened and looks with #lips.99. Are we fucking? No. Places weapons up for them to continue. AFTER the entire MIDDLE scene before the ass fucking: the guys start to mend her and touch their dicks hard against her with medicine and wraps, leaving some blood. One places her hand at his dick; and she refuses it. In front of her husband. First Scene: Hot and horny.; then they break and dress for Middle Scene. After extreme; there is some slow ass fucking and camera gestures/talk. #99. Grinding and watching. then some quick fucking with excessive cum. she is raunch and tired. Guys are still speak and need to know if she needs anything. ;water;koolaid;ice pack on vagina. very assistive with hands to show. All are trying to see how long she can ride. She is able to laugh and joke with guys in the middle of this. Could last an hour. The final; the guys get clean and start to talk to husband and give him excessive cash. End. 5.) There are 3 scenes that are all the same with daughter as the one he fucks. The beginning of the scene includes large, tall, bouncer types with trench or long coats; camera's and papers. Talking consistently loud to interrupt, adjoin, introduce not;; Fucking/229; daughter arrives and is spoken on ass, white, black vibe 99 on ass and tits. girl girl play is involved and wife has two men. husband is introduced into area as they unrobe him and he is light jewels 99/rich and spoken fast on daughter interaction and foreplay and some papers to sign.  There is some adjoining of husband and wife once the guy cums in her mouth/or; and have them both to kiss with cum during the session pause. End.
Note: silent fornication                NEVER or OPPOSITE or NOT

The same it is fornication/grinding/expressing/outpour distinguished never the time of service;;they are all fucking;;a lu a lu\\\\never fucking; the n; ;;;;\\\hi intent distingu\\\ mom; fever; can you; can i;;
Note: forget spell on occasion/22/arrival//
Addendum spoken 8/31: Note: visual/om/(2)14.videohotbuyshipment;;forgetspellup;healthpingup;;arrivalonspellgasattack(now);;End.
PS Note: shem;him;
her ; people ; talking virus refere;

All mimic what he is doing until all of it is gone.
Light Me is very active.
All her is her and needs to get them back to zone.
On your shit; they all talk. The final OM. END.

Metaphysician Notes 8/31/2019;12:12pm
A couple audios on the ant/om talking voodoo. #1talking virus i #2talking virus ii

The only thing I can say is that it is the only thing; never does anyone want it. And if you are through the spectrum elixer view of any housing, then it is over about; thanks.
Ant/om\99;;this is the person that needs everyone to see him. On the audio it was referenced as Simon. If you are in the middle of an (h)ear/higher power load;; the only thing this person wants to do is share everything. "You got it"; "She states"; "Mom don't";;if the throw back is pleasant or not it can only do one or two things to you. When you start, he is never that loud and it is the adjusted Earth rhythm that is normal. He doesn't want to go and you notice it. Never is their guilt/he indulged and you did not aware to know. This is a special part of the talking virus spoken in the audiobooks and it is the most interesting part; but never gets to it. lol. End.
Note: shem;him;
her ; people ; talking virus refere;

All mimic what he is doing until all of it is gone.
Light Me is very active.
All her is her and needs to get them back to zone.
On your shit; they all talk. The final OM.

Metaphysician Notes 9/03/2019;11:00am
Okay. There is a reference today. And several dates. the Ultra Ant/Om is meeting on the 6th/3 of my shit. The Ant/Om reference is never meeting on a schedule.
THE GUY/ANT/OM is the oldest [trick?gift?reference to cheater syndrom?]
Never. Yes. Yes. ; Never No. No. I didn't say that; Oh. I am here.
This is the only person that needs to know; not you. I'll have to state this one more time:
THE GUY/ANT/OMz is the oldest/newest toward [trick to you only? A gift never? A reference to cheater syndrom max?
Never. Yes. Yes.
It is ME realm XyOM at a height the husband. I do not see anyone once I start work; I do regard my wife. I look to offer her things. And know once the hard time arrives for me to leave. I never guilt on her but I give the guilt. The work starts [y] once I recognize she has it.
It is ME realm XTyOMwDeflect at friend rate. I offered K a symbol and he took it. I need him to stop. [me writing to do it; he says ok; never]. Then, I started and traced the thing to only that play. I saw [alien;fucking;items;our;voodoo;screaming] on yLeft [extreme F/a cool or alien fucking however true fucking stance involved;no heart to heart/something unplu;extreme/Is separation of All with addict level included max;All playout;touching involved/separation;flesh to skin/gene to molecule/respiration to air.n/pupils to dilated frog/skin to skin.ret/<<dick to vaginaANDmouth to all her spotsANDher mouth to all his spots;;OR/AND from reference only dick to vagina>>heart to ass;heart to finger;heart to eye socket;heart to anus [no #2 pass out that plays them to right;not my shit/no heart. i can't stand this; what a [creep/loser/weirdo] [P word reference and it is a guy]/extreme pain;#2 out/ALSO; hyperventilation; pass out; aggravation; sorted; not confused; trying to get out of it;ETAL;;heart to heart reigns SO no juice for play and needs to get back involved work.;;
AGAIN; offered a symbol and he took it. Changed him to a black guy who is a Light yOneness Me. And played it out with CASHnon to seep him toward the entire play that is major yOne's on the million.
ME in items rhythm Major Cash
The guy is straight. Not ever narrow. Is the n. Is not the Ant. Is undercover and dirty. And is played only with one's major [like they put him together]; gathers to a Me. And strikes right at the joke. The rest of the show once you speak about the millions. [He is not the Ant and helps all and sometimes me first;here not at the start but at a criminal rate of before;;His now is Me; he is always right there;;]. The husband pullout is always the same. And he goes straight up toward and plays it verbatim what is; He is straight and tries to remain narrow enough to do me.
Ordering some porn through vortex skylines. And have a connector [magnet;black light ice;receptor] that sounds the porn. And have other options for TV. He is able to view. I can check the yDoor. He is able to F on ice here.
3 door access to a nation that springs entities to gun. Checking the gun for spring. And continuing back to the area possibly for more porn or the gas attack spell run.
All members [my familial non] [Xview on: jiz;ve;];; husband is view ghost #talks.laughs.quiet#. Compre's [Ulls quality]; sorting information; main agenda/briefing; spoken with group uniformed and ready w/ close secretary or witness; speaking with guy on special autotro and zoom cam real and 3 way talk on military headset w/ mic on private. Ground Troup door that stations to several class units ready. Itinerary to check and view response/reaction time or non;. Preview animal grid. Air strike next after meeting. Uniform galla. Space station copter and air bikes to major Xstrike location. 10 Meets. [What did I accomplish? A trade; compromise; a generic view; engagement; What he is on and where;]. End.
Two Audiobooks that speak about the entity. #1.) Simon Says; #2.) Got Milk? Insurance Fraud;

art does not want to do it by himself. he needs you. trick/trap/for her/on me/not to hurt;;the guy snatches right away; [sam]. goes to see what he is talking about;is expert.The other has more to play out on the xCash to show how lengthy his agenda. This could be millions to the husband you see now. His plays out 1/10th the agenda from the word Sam [cleaner toward me;the other is like a y'U';he's like the first Art but he is right before. Art is better and runs/it's me.Note:the genre was brought here by the other. All say Sam and start to go down/die toward the P.].End
ADDENDUM 9/4/2019:9.56am
@  CALLING HIM AND TRACING TO A yDOOR W ORDER INVOLVED. There is a court case here with some papers presented in a room silent. I'll have to see which ones I would like to keep and mark with a Light Pen and coupon the rest; there is a hell pitch fire place. And play them out in the courtroom. Setting is hell. The client is renegade. End.
Notes: My Light body viewer is reference on the Xom and Yol with a view W. Husband is the same; only a white person and male; earth rate only. Kendra's is like this one too; friend and crew mate; only she is black and light and female; earth rate only. All other's are low or at a height the same only. One is only low; no height; that is the guy; Simon. Other daughter is a playout structure; so is mom. and dad. The elders; grand, aunt and any uncles and sister are older figrins and need nothing. All are respondent and the most source for the money and without the cash is art; never would you need him. The next is any male. Then Kendra. End.
Note: ----------------------------------
nobody has control over your shit.

your view: all have control of their shit. [you have your body]. their shit is the boy. (that is your n;he has no body). *there is no reference of me being in a location in the;there is info he is there all the time looking;his looking is recording. his reference is no distance.*

the boy: all have control of his shit. [his body is out of view]. the boy is shit. (i have no body;they are shit). *i have no foo cont*
shit is trying to deplete me again.


------------------------------------- End.

Metaphysician Notes 9/05/2019;1:02pm

 1/(1)/2;;traveling to heather to work out a solution;

doing the papers fax again to the phone people on your credit;

1/1/2;;driving out right pass heather to the center for some food items;

[sinders talk] medical ; job.aeo;;;;;;;;;;sud?
Notion: the email is a schedule bunny maybe. tee hee;;
Uprupt extra on a n; but it is me;;
[she has to keep making small appt's only me; or not;;the "or not" is the abrupt cause there is now a phone type system; but it is on my body;;
The word is DOOR; I walk to the door; he needs to walk to the door;;
The DOOR is the only spoken from him. The need has been stated over a year.
[to elongate the drain he talks];I walk him to the DOOR and I don't know.
A book to wrap up the last of the last on this information and also the Fasting Entrance and also the article post on (H)ear/Higher Power Load/the telepathy accountant is good for Seclae event that can represent a higher scale deliverance product. Thanks. End.

Metaphysician Notes 9/12/2019

THE ONLY thing I see is to remake what I think this is and to sign into article post: for the most information to realm it into an existence for listening only. Thanks. See below:
onGod ; See
onSat ; Know ;on N sht //?//on G lafa ;;a little boy;;bad;;asshole;;
onDem ; Nothing ;on sht //?//on G alFA alfa ;;a girl;;not little;bad;;
onN ; Everything ;on ;; //?// ;;hmm;;asshole;;

Drinks too much; the one that didn't ; lookin at it; drugs ; alcoho ; [most oppo;;his resi];;[disso's on little];; End.

Metaphysician Notes 9/13/2019

All people are trying to do some things and they are wearing the coat. There are several different factors that lead you to believe nothing. When a person comes up and you are suspect they are drug use or something; the gut is the only thing there is when your abuse level is zero. If there are people that are sluggish or determined or able on any of these; I have to go toward how the gut leads to chaotic disformation of able bodies legalalities of the person on its own. Are you capable of sharing a room by yourself? ;; The reality statement: "Are you capable of doing anything by yourself?" Here is the jargon hidden and unspoken until it hits.;;
GUT;; KNOW without saying;;literally ------------------------------------ [lightworker insane with it; person to person and some are heavenly;;and it works;;they're on the issue thing the most but on their shit;;];; [HE HAS TO START TALKING ABOUT HEAVEN SOONER THAN YOU][expand this comment to yourself];; ------------------------------------- dummy X3 [the re] ------------------------------------- retard;;went to the thing; never at the door;; stupid;asshole'retarded;fucked up;fuck off;;n;; [chitlin n's]
AN ARGUMENTATIVE THESIS IS; there is a basis from Electrical currents with on and off circuit that is information G level. And the magic potion witch level is demon playout G only that speaks this to itself that something has procreated something different where the major output is same.
The argument; There is no witch like me. 5 times the invocation is never the witness. On a major circuit turnaround; the function is as follows:
Red Line = 5 tries
Green Line = 10 tries
TOO MUCH OXYGEN [-5 more to test never;to a stated absolute Truth]
Absolute Truth
Red Line/0 = Green Line = 10 tries
Green Line = 11 tries
Simple Output = Viseo 22; pornographic order/shipment;;
[THE RESISTOR; Red Line = 5 tries ; Red Line/0 = Green Line = 10 tries AND THE BATTERY; Green Line = 11 tries ; THE SIMPLE OUTPUT = Viseo 22; pornographic order/shipment]
Metaphysician Notes 9/14/2019:


Are_u_happy? - nigr output[1]





Smile:Candid Camera Repeat

Is he here or does he need me? Can I repeat? There is nothing around me. But I need to speak about it. How is it that I need everything? This is the first and then 2 days was done.
1 = 0

I already need all of it. But I have to do it again. Where is the common sense and is there a talk about it? I am the talk. There is nothing more. But when people are playing games, you would think they need to discover. No. But I really feel it to deliver a message. Where is it that I need it more than you? It gives me all of it and then there is none.
1 + 2 = 3
[Where is 1?]

Already I think I am here to do more than what you are doing and I really feel that you are exist. But I cannot find out anything cause you are needing it more than me. Here is the rest. But I am here. When do you find time to play? The con doesn't find anything. He sends it through and it delivers itself new. Never the same as what that was; or not at all delivered. Can there be a side door?
3 + 0 = 3
[Is there a beginning? What is the mind; or 3rd eye and how interactive electric it sends to what and what?]

Never does it try to elude a past projection. It remains at 1. It signs 1 the entire time. It rids any notion and any exist that levels an outside or orange part of the apple eye owl diaphragm. The solar is the only belt it says breathes and never anything else. When this other functions but is very elaborately illiterate it comes down to how is the MIN.D/minute demon an eye resultant? And how does orange never see but it winds to the apple?

1 always flows to 2.

The MIN.D flows it to 2 personally. His hands are struck and slows to the next. The MIND is already on 2. Speaking to a slow agent.

2 always flows to 3.

The MIN.D flows it to 3 personally but it has alot to say specifically in a disgrunt. His mind column along with his hands are struck to slow toward the next in midstream animated light. The MIND is already on 3. Speaking to the slowest retard/[as he knows to say it to me in the slow]. [Clue: the MIN.D is not a person. It is a retard].

3 always returns to 1 and flurries everything possible.

The MIN.D flows this too as previous, personally and specifically with a rhyme to finish it all. His mind center and throat loin is slow struck toward the next midstream animated light cinematic motion he does. The MIND is already on 3. Speaking once again to the slowest in the world. And his position is to walk out the door after recognizing he never entered; he loves to just talk. He leaves all the oranges and knows nothing about an apple. All time is consumed but not wasted and his walk is with everything that needs that conversation; which is the most lucrative for them. MIN.D flows a mumble the entire time that someone is skank and unnecessary for his function. He remains unsteady and convinced all stink and are retarded so much. He falls out the door if there is one from the others, and goes down to a pit that falls further in all seconds it took him to quick to you in slow.

Does anyone know how to return their items or does the mind already return it beyond the issue of someone needing something as they perform an act of orange. That is key. Never did it bring the apple. And the orange is very the thing once it is here. The rejection rate is almost the same. Never. How do I return that item and the others until the orange cleans the base for the apple to shine in front of all. So when the hand enters, it never touches. All oranges must return and the apple needs nothing.
The item gets returned slow. You should never reference it is the orange or apple ever again. How brilliant.

A CLOSER LOOK. 1 million televisions need to have transport by hand and foot from 1 city block to the 5th; between 5 MIN.D on alfa regulated time normal. The orange zingers are now the apple; the only door that sees and shows nothing on you.

It never steals the load. The return rate is the same as he is mumbling a talk of glow. Light sees. He knows you see. And he continues to speak. Your rhythm is constant never missing it. His misses everything. And as he speaks to others; their items are disrayed but missing a bit if they do the same thing. Miscalculate. The criminal steps to Light with his shit, and never returns from the start point the same. The lesson is here. And the resurrection is next as he troubles others. Then he starts again with different oranges. In a talk that needs nothing but him to leave. He is talk. There is silence from me. The silent talk is more lethal. He sees this the most. And knows a retard doesn't do all this. When he gains, he says; RETARD!

If you were ever offered a car or a job, normally this is the orange. If you need more, you would know they produce on its own for you to continue both. If the job and the income zinger talk arrives very quickly like production cinema, then this is the closing of when and where it happens the most.

[Typically 50 televisions instead of 1 million does it].

There isn't anything else to deliver. Thanks.

Metaphysician Notes 9/16/2019

Light never states to do it. It's done.
Dark represented the same age with her. [the mistake][he ate the apple].

All: are heightened to the next her. and they do the same thing.

Length man: replay everything then. you are here.
Height: replay everything. you are .

Dark mode: fuck off; lit mine; control z; cu; fu;
[it displays a solid zne and is the quickest ; the mistake].

Info: Light : up
Dark : down
Nothing: up

Light states: there is an email that allows for the zig to be the pig and all is solid. Also, it never states to do it. It's done.
{Dark: down}
{Nothing: up}

DD;; there is a spectacular sign to do it. all jump in; place it in a volt. 50 years later.
NU;; can you eat it? RUN!
++++++++++++++++ End.

LIGHT: "I need a man. Hurry."
Here is the man.
'Wanna. okay. wanna more. okay!! wanna fu stop!!'
LIGHT: "Did I get a man?"
He is gone.
DARK: He is risen.
EVERYTHING: Oh. We got him.
######################## End.

Adam and Even
Playing: F

Screaming: Dark on guys mouth;;

Nothing: He's out of town;;he knows he is you;;

1. Nothing over again; Scream; and looks;;
2. Everything; Oh. We got him. He is you.

#. he keeps coming back after the near scream; and looks;;as he just walked/spoke dark on you again.
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&. End.

Metaphysician Notes 8/22/2019
All of us is present on this tight schedule. Audio Book "Is It Like?"
her ghost body; responded ;; nobody sees it; 1. hog 2. not the hog 3. the hog never art is the main ghost ; out ;; but inside the body; ---------------------------------------- I am blind to the ghost body accept for 'the mouth' and 'art' out; ---------------------------------------- 4 viewers at a time; the time is like forever;; 1. pig alien 2. pig n alien 3. pig overt alien pretty ; light ;; 4. pig overt alien ugly ; light horrib;; --------------------------------------- End.

Metaphysician Notes 9/22/2019:
A new book arrival listed on the following page:
Cash Reload: The only thing that needs to be done. The generational feeling and it is only a sound. When all of us don't know where it comes from, it is certain that it wants to do it well.
Cash Reload Timer: Crisis Intervention @ Corporal Level Fireworks: @ this is ; Stage Review ;; Everything Zinzog Corporal Ego/I/Thot/Rhythm Plant ; on the review [stage];; ------------------------------------------------ Face Room Timer/Schedule: Face room interaction / witness ;; ------------------------------------------------ ================================================

Husband; Things; Place;; &oMy IS ;
ART and AnT ; didn't retrieve it ; &oMy IS ; Others ; can't take N's ; didn't retrieve it the most ; &oMy IS ;
Retrieval ceases when they see your shit.
- parties
- length of visit
- enticing sexual advances
- snatching occasionally your shit; simple y;;

- Tired
- Lazy
- Ill ; needing

*Never// lands on shit./* Note: [tired; lazy ; ill/ needing] : Art is not the industry not. it is the reflect of lazy. they are in their way Dark; as they have played the whole script. if he's caught with any bodies that are on the right side of where that would be, that means all i'm seeing is them sitting there. He also has a right side that is the thing for him to continue efficiently so it's not mastered by the industry itself too soon for one's to catch up. he is strangled and he's looking and ; no time has been given to him either. that is a \n. that is the one that does that one. that is the one that shows the thing and does it is more explicit. as soon as he is given anything; there's people in human quality in man made suffices;; they are always given given given and then shown shown shown and shown shown shown that they may not be placed right when they are doing their thing; talking about managment; and little bit of the one's that have holder sets. Now, When its caught over here, and then it's shown as a door, he is given a wife / Light manner; to do it simply and quickly where there is no pain involved. when i notice that its went to;;/ there is a particle called jacob; when its gone to that; and he's still doing that; he's looking at it and saying yeah, this is the thing - but he's making fun of people in a certain type of ill manner; where he's not moving. he's very enticed type. when that door isn't open, where he's able to sit a bit; and do the thing; he's also, [not the industry not], very much; and maybe embarrassed more than going over there in a stride as he is the husband and somehow is not able to maintain that; large head / deflate; large head / deflate; until it gets to the next thing;;and then he has keys;; and so he's looking and he is saying; you are not going in; as he goes to the next thing; and says, if you need it or not;; so by, those hands may not be the one to open the door; and have already chosen to do it with him the most. ======================================== Retrieval systems [ant and art] always come back WHEN they have the shit only. Shit never goes down the drain. It rises. That is WHEN. *Instant Occasion NOW* He's at a sit. Feeler IS. That's all of art. [abigail;involved;etal;;;;DISREGARD]. The Feeler is at a sit and; NOMINAL partake NEVER. Reload the Artware; Cash; People;; [10 to 15 reps; ME] ============================================ End.
TOP FLIGHT SCHOOL SCENARIO - side metaphysian note 1.)Mock Scenario flight high [3 moves in and out flight;up,low,land;;] ; 2.) then recover 'one jet to another aerio movement' ;;orderserial: 125.99;; End.
A STERLING SIT ALONG - TALKING (everyone knows) - SEXING/TALKING (familiar) - TALKING/FUCKING (most explicit) ;;art and the all and some others do a sit along and remain on the shim with a talking - sexing/talking - talking/fucking; that comes down to the other thing. he recharges on the talking/fucking never ; sees the wife then; and it undoes several cutlets/rhymes she or plant I do. then he runs out for the other thing and sometimes sits. End.
Quebic Retrieval / Guru Sun RA / The Hand Guru Her -
My Large Hand [the sun]; ganks his/[the ant] w/ little shit [not charged];; ; NOW I am him [that ant w/ that shit];;
The Hand Guru Her - She faces the East;; ----------------------------------- End.
Metaphysician Notes 9/23/2019:

(Subtle Offer on Stated)
- #1 on the Drip

1) Going to get the N only; (a unit and better)
2) Getting the Ant (Accessories)
3) Getting a job not
4) Featuring you on something
5) Giving you clothes
6) Creating something to do
7) Working on a job w/
8) Sexual Jo's
9) Coupons very the thing
10) Some cash ; and some items
(#1 on the circuitry flick tok)

1.) [4/5 days on the N; 2 days of another 6] [5 days to close] ; Everything is 6

2.) All doors and items and motor runners and sound of people and things they do
may miss. [goggles; spears/gut; ass thrower silent; mouth protection;;

3.) 1) Motors / Sound / Gut        2) People / Rising / Gut   
    3) Crumbling / Shooks / Spiral Out, Site   
    4) Physical  Druggie function psyche ; Quick on the catch

(Ant on the #1 Circuitry Solution)

Ant/Up 6 x 3 w/ series incl.

1) Taking it up (n)
2) Closing the Ant
3) Closing the project ; wiring and wrapping


4) Do they flicker?
5) Do they fine tune?
6) Do they left and right?
7) Do they solution?
------------------------------------------------------------------------ End.

[shit]    DARK       N        SHIT    S/N/S/N/S/N/S/N;;;;;
Not at the door ; and is continue;;
A guy responding after the metaphysician event door car yearz;;

Close Out Sale Jargon: A husband/N/Guru is beneath me. I / eye / 3rd ; IS  [interest: where I don't know; not know; the unknowing IS; where knowledge is now SILENCE;Everything has been exposed LOUD;;] [Parody: Why do they need a silent listener? Who shits? He never arrives you like IT; the jargon is legit; WHERE THE F IS MY HOUSE?@?!?]
    "Get a house today from the most silent; cause everything is here"
    "Please don't wait for a N to do it. He isn't a N and may hide it from you. All N's are toward Jupiter and have scaped"
Husband 1 on 2 = Family    ; the husband hands you over knowing the street only;; {@ never to a N; family gave you to shit guru}
N 3 on 1 = 2nd not    ; the N gives you to no one knowing thug shit; [supposed to integrate to husband]. [listening able is this]. {@ never listens to his friends; art listen hears his friends in front of you; ex listens hears all; both listen hear shit w/ their Guru able and their friends are not guru level_no resin to get up;; the LISTEN was a U large hand I did}{the N handed you over to shit less guru; worse than mom}
Guru 4 on 2 = not enough witness ; is stable ;; [baby boys w/ genius; an older resin;;]
Husband 3 on 5 = None ; Shit only;;    the husband hands you over knowing the street only;; {@ gave you N shit he does ; All shit; he's still educating himself on N}
Husband 5 on 6 = None; Shit shit;;     the husband hands you over knowing the street only;; {@ gave you N shit she does; Not anything conducive for children with another guy; she's not interested in educating and is on drugs and control}
{T is the teacher [around children] and a guy;;;;she is not with her kids and not on drugs;;;;Does she drink? Is she able to clown with others without kids? Does she pill and drink? Is she sound with cash? Is she involved with education retire?;;;;less than husband 5 on 6;;;;};
Door Exhibit

N has to hand guy over to guru.
100/1,000,000 [we know ; integrate ;;] ;; all on 100s after; more than 30 people;;
[The ole school art];[earth living];;
Cash Reload / New ;;
New Art: 269
Viseo viewer light: 359
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End.

1) Light unto palm;

2) Breeze on a 2/1 not; the palm;; any odd;; paper |a/rt on ;;

3) The thing only; calms on touch;; jivvy's on again w/ a thing;;an electronic gizmo inside on certain items open;;
[viseo viewer: 269]
------------------------------------------- End.

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