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1. Ultimatum Part I 2. Ultimatum Part II 3. Lord 4. Demon Playbook - Shadow 5. Darkness 6. I Met My Source - Metaphysician Notes 8-19// [see notes below for track 6]; 7. Elementals -The Resistant [see notes below for track 7] 8. The Red Door 9. Not Kno - part i 10. Not Kno - part ii [see notes below for 8,9,and10]. 11. Where am I?
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6. I Met My Source - Metaphysician Notes 8-19 AND blog post article: There are many things that I need to say but when the going gets rough, I have to say everything.
------------------------------            NEVER do I get my shit back;
Me [never u]
"I can do it;;nolist;"
KNOW ; opp;
 I get everything back never; but I do agree he is the same; LIGHT. There is no more KNOW. He is reintegrating on the level of ME that never sees U. I can get some things straight with me, but if I have to see me again [redo/reiterate/resound/never play/never shake or quake]; I just did that here on Earth after meeting V|o/a|ung; Where is it to see it over and over so quickly if it weren't for LIGHT or KNOW, I would think this is a re/t|a|a(r)/ed play or skit. But that is quickly dimming to NOTHING on no scape until it figures it out again.
ME ignores the percentage to help this guru LIGHT out; and it is the same as u who ignores DARK interactions. Then, it correlates a LIGHT agenda again, once it is fully gone some more.
NOTES: Monday through Thursday is settled, AND it is noting some adjustments on a DARK heirloom to watch over the project. The weekend is the most settled. A one person show for him is alright as long as he is needing to do the same. This project is a forever once the husband era is done. LIGHT, however, doesn't ignore him and sees it for what it is only. It is able to assist him instead of a replacement to monitor his project out;. If it is very volatile; YES. If it wants to go up there and mentions it KNOW; YES. Sad for me in regards to DARKNESS, but I would like for him to do more in the meanwhile. LIGHT; it is easier to deal him than some other/shit reflecting something about him. DARKNESS; can mingle with him easier than most. LIGHT, ME and anything else wanto can be better and more with never intermingling with it again forever. I will learn everything anyway. And rise up again and again until I see more fun.
Where am I now;LIGHT/ME/u? Being stated I can't do from a DARKNESS guru that sees LIGHT taking from him. OKAY - I see it is re/t|ae. I'll do it and I KNOW I AM.
My daughter heirloom is decent and I recognize she is me; LIGHT and DARK hero. Where is it to do them both? NEVER. But if I am to do both, are they needing to see it? YES. Is she there at the appointed? YES. So where is it more? All of her LIGHT is expos|e/d and all of his too. Why don't I see all the children they are; and mine to do? If I sit with her, does he want me to do her too? NO. Then what sit am I to do he still sees? NONE.
OKAY; LIGHT sees DARKNESS with both of them already providing everything for ALL. DARKNESS sees not to intermingle with any of it. LIGHT can adjust tone to do her too AND EVERYONE included to become better rounded. This is the ANT/Um. Never do I adjust for ALL in DARKNESS. That means, EVERYTHING is always included; I would always be on my own. No sorrow or misery and they are to re/t|rograde an introspect soon.
I would gain everything back NEVER for you again with any agenda now. An extra household that says; NOTHING and EVERYTHING is now.
EVERYTHING and NOTHING is now known, however, I do not recognize the quality of subjective NI/g|r around me. All KNOW. That means all my family has already been with me. Again and again. Knowing how I do my physical nature. They are involved with down play DARK too. This would conclude the EVERYTHING and NOTHING version to go any further with me now. This is where the ANT/U is involved with my weekly schedule. Thanks!
PS; NOTES: [ALL KNOW/the sit. EVERYTHING/all NI/g|r KNOW]. My weekly schedule is offended the more they KNOW with ME at the rate/cock order of operation. All live the same and the LIE is intermingled too.
PSS; NOTES: All rate/cock order of operation are adjusted at maximum height now. Able to proceed with them.[ULTRA NOTES: There is a capacity of DARK that will spill over where LIGHT only shows/viewaudi toward me. I can only do this so much to a ME. The NI/g|r is grounded into my shiz|t|. It remains and means it. There is nothing but 6 and LIGHT sees this the most on DARK stay. '+cause of him not able to do this action, his visit is on 6 only to include him with his DARK agenda as he don't move for u; cleaners coming through this week.][ULTIMO NOTES: OPP ANT/U;: There is a move he makes that is on all women. FEAR only. If there is only fear, there is only me never U. EVERYTHING is all they are including FEAR. This is the ANT/U: as soon as they are opposed again and say only this is for you to do for me/ a counter suic. DONE.];[The stay on 6 is limited to the ANT/U that only I am FEAR; not you. The OPP ANT/U: the stay is outside of the house and on the perp;]
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7. Elementals -The Resistant AND blog post article; 8/27/2019,2:14pm:
"Elementals - Housing - Retardant"
Notes: There are people that want everything.  End.
How is it that I want to do so many things with people and the realm is only adjusting for me on a NEVER basis until they exist more and more. They are non stop talking until the end and until it is audio enough for any LIGHT ONE exist to feel as if it is the end and any loss is major.
All are retardant expectants and are involved only with my husband. None of the housing ever has been inspected or approved. Starting from the first house with mom and dad [only the Light Source] and all the others in the family. Especially; septic, pests and ceiling flooring issues. Their mouth normally explained/s what is happening.
These elementals are all retardants that their thing is toward the light with no dark involvement in that realm. Meaning, they do not want to play with Light. They like to show all their work. This includes the entire family until it doesn't do it any more. Light Source has relinquished all her fears toward One and INTO exist and nothingness. Everything is stealing nothing [when the entire house is 'built' them only].
Less than blemish when they try to RUN or GO for "IT". Showing no rise.
The entire ghetto with elemental One involved and it is exact measure. The length of X Earth involvement is my length here only that I service what these things are in full. My 3 non length unit will open the door instant; this is their involvement in working on the ghetto. the inversion of the final party or completion of a house is me over there more [only the guy/his house is subtle and conversion.
3y = they [not so much him] hurry on what you said it is so they can FU\C|)k.
X length Earth/3y = He figures out the agenda and wants to rush meeting you and bringing them in a minute.
Elemental One stands on the right and all the rest are larger. But they are more retardant gix. The men have a final stand with me and all the females die. They are all granted leisure and have to do the entire thing without the men. And the men they need are granted.
All are able to FU\C+(k with his flesh to skin. These are skin that are only detergent and meaningless to the entire program. Too rigid and flimsy and only the organs are able to sense something as they are this type of skin too. This is not FU\c, Sex, or intercourse until it is in front of the Light. No elemental zone has light like this and I am not available.
I am available / when it is|; they are touching each other with flesh and flesh ME only. Elemental One has been with flesh me and me only without the antiseptic flesh/skin retardant. Never his flesh or her skin either.
How many people are needing to witness this? Everyone. They need to tell me they all have it. I need to recognize nothing. I am here. There is a grounded system and it is female and wants to play housing/games/entertainment/roll of intuition with me about this matter and needs to find a key for the guy.
I am here with notes only. That is me right at the door normal; when I do not know something more than the thing I spoke the most. My righteous Hindu is always eating until it is there and the other is always fasting and quick and expedient and knows nothing before it enters on how NI/BRO it is cause it may be a wreck I never experienced since the eating is a wreck too. This is the main LIE. It is one that comes from their mouth. They need to hit me and run. Or stay and look for a few. Or linger to die. On a fasting, I don't believe I have any problems with any of these. But this is a LIE if I speak it more than normal to my own. Their LIE is always there faster than I can hear me. When I do not represent anything anymore than what they want, then they want to F. How are you with this protocol? Is the only thing they are providing sufficient and the other is all of them. How is it they want so much to do with me here? I will provide a kind of knowledge I expect that works and the only one thing I know is me. I can only do me as a tri pod and this is a LIE. I am here solo. All of this generation lie's until they get a way with themselves only.
DELEGATING without the 3rd Law
FEARING on your project only
All of these have never been reached by any of these. They are ready to move and the Light is to be stood on a solid ground in front of the spector. Thanks.

On generational levels of NEVER; the guy is never with the girl until he figures out he is not the girl. [it is not art; it is not jacob ; it is not simon; it is not jhn; it is not relief her ; it is not any elemental that needs to get back to art].
The guy is with the girl for a short time and never for a longer time than one session.


His white STOPS  [go]     ; black/WITNESSES
His black dark hair CONTINUES [stop] ; brenl/STOPS
His mouth LIFTS [place down];   jaw structure/FILTERS RESPONSE & GOES
His gut EXTENDS [keep going]; no ab/or ass; / STOPS N
N ; the least and the most ; [F goes through;everything tumbles over;]However, N F's Not and leaves "alone" very long until he finds the next. All girls pass away. The guys all have men and then women and rise up as her. He spends his time away from all. And finds the next NOT. NOT arrives only from me. When I have a magnfic. However, that is when I see him too right away to say he is good. The he leaves and all the women he is to bring up to show passes away immediately. Then he leaves alone for the longest time until he finds the next NOT. The only one that needs for him solely to leave him/her alone until they get around to it; buying his house. The end is that they all pass. This is all the main monkey rhythm.
NOT passes UP and spends time there for a long time until she is found by the N again later and she passes again. More UP. Until I discover it is the N too by this time. This monkey rhythm starts and begats the major sin "illegal contraband" if she has more more more friends than him. They all pass.
When he doesn't see any of them anymore after their passing. He goes to find his wife. This again, is when he is the girl. Only. Then she rises UP then grids toward the rising again and again until it is time to make the new guy for the girl. He then FADES away. This is another Monkey rhythm. [etal; until all the other kids are gone he just did with the ones that passed].
Until his FADING is the other person; the first LIGHT. [the first girl who passed away but she is now HIM]. This one is extreme Light I know and figure out she is needing to find another mate soon. This is the most S rhythm. Until she runs out of time. This is the most Dark rhythm until they fade again. [I should be considering Earth again cause I may forget why they are fading as Dark only;]. They are now the mom and father when you arrive to Earth. This would be NEVER. NEVER/UP for me if I play all of them out ME without their involvement and Earth is recalled only. ME as I play all of them out best suits ME and not any of their ill tastes. I will resent it at first.
After the mom and dad is nation Art;Earth;I arrive that the light one is new. Art and all the generationals are now Dark. The Light is now on my realms ready as ME. The mom and dad restart this era of him again. NOW, the regenerates of ART; Jacob and the others back of him including her all play until they are Art too up in the realms each name sake. I am able to skip Earth and do ME higher than the last instead of all their ill tastes. Each come back toward Dark hidden and they are now the mom and dad on Earth. The last should be a Z nation.

Article Blog Post Notes for: 8. The Red Door 9. Not Kno - part i 10. Not Kno - part ii:

In regards to Earth Elemental Art;My Michael;the elemental one;; As referenced in "Not Kno - part i", he is the only one with my mouth unit from here [the word "exist" is offensive], from here their exist. The mouth is set to turn everyone over including the one's that have entered the back door location. His mouth may be the one that I open in stillness but I think [from how people are acting like him or toward him to me], it could be anyone if that is the quality that brings me the door. He is not the only one. Everyone is playing a piece of the melody. All have been told to sit and mingle never until this is done. His mouth has escaped illusion and some know he has it - so they are treating him like the Light One or Me when they start or go to offending. That is the reason he is sit. All the tricks that were mentioned are anonymous and they are very known for receiving their credit due. All of his are included but is not referenced in any book. He is the only one that I have seen in sexual contact here. He is necessary for more than one thing and is the only one that doesn't feel to F|u|gh\k; And he wants to do everything with me. His offense is atrocious and keeps him from existing that with me forever. He has created more than one path and all have bugged through and enter into the sit too. There is no clear path. The Not Kno or the Flash Vortex keeps me from witnessing if this is happening this second or in a few; speaking in reference to the vortex;entrance;door;etal;;. The remaining elements are still being extracted at levels of giddy but never a funny matter. They are to remain less [code word: metaphy] cause they are never wanting to do anything with me. But they are needing to display caution when approaching - AND definitely do not. This is the only reference I have that it is soon. Like how the scriptures say - soon and very soon. Again, but in a different way, there are two doors remaining; NOW that the elemental one is at sit. These are found in the lower parts and can be the cause for my extreme bloatphebia at the gut. The only way I will determine this is if I need to eat or have a fetish. He is the person where the fetish is the same. The item only. End.

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  1. Just some notes: NOTHING = is discovered ; manuscript ;

    DARKNESS = is defined ;

    REALITY = is restated ;

    EVERYTHING = is bigger ;

    Y = The only darkness joke they have on no timer. NOTHING is the only one that is feeling something near. There is no reality. EVERYTHING is near to NOTHING.
    I am here playing her or N out; there is no Y.
    Y is the only thing that needs to witness QA.
    There are 3 and they all have to match OR
    witness themselves singing QA elem.
    * hand on belly; [NOT]
    * all move to libr/messh;;YES and the other loc too;[singing QA NOT]
    * the guy has a messg in his email and he said nothing on everthing talk;YES they are now missing; [singing QA NOT]