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SPELLS and MAGIC: Ni|g|/Gr=N1

Philosophy Definition: Ni|g|/Gr=N1 = Nickel god Grime.
N1 is Light; One is Light; and Light is Everything; Everything is Nothingness or Silence;;.

Another Definition on Philosophy:
NOT = All I cannot do. I never know. It is LIGHT.
Nothingness = All the [EXPRESSIVE BUT PHYSICAL TRUTH], "shit" that wants to run us out of our home. After we know what we did not know. It remains as mysticism until we discover it is real but real on our Truth people to people version. It is not real as people and the society functions.


Where are you with your first spell and never knowing it is even Light? You are speaking and hearing with your 3rd eye and are now functioning everything. However, there are specific efforts you do to get them on a mode of you before you know what the Nothingness can do. Everything. Everything you have not done yet. Hm.

Have you met N1? He is very vindictive. He uses all of the nothingness to reflect you are begging for attention when you get started or when you are on Nothing.

Get one spell going with physical and spiritual knowing each other so you are not stuck on one side while N1 is watching. Like a Light circuit. The physical has you to landscape a normal existence pattern. The spiritual will have it to be remarkable and prime time; this could be anything you can imagine. A basic living until you are risen above Earth, where Adam and Eve are not as reflective. Light Order has a schedule for you once you have arrived as One.


Light is the only thing that will ignite your spell. A Light. You can create this by doing several Lightworker efforts or any activity that gets the body extremely HOT and then COOL instantly. The most is FASTING or DRY FASTING if the N1 has already explained he needs to get off booze in front of you. Also, if he has already passed out or exposed his privates to go and piss without a concern about bystanders; especially women.

With a Fasting; I will state the normal one that will do the same as any of them. Intermittent fasting has you on a schedule that will maintain it very close without having to do it daily until you see it. 5 or 6 fasts a day and then 1 meal; consecutively. In your Light Circuit work, try to figure out when you would stop fasting. Your Light Order has you on eating plenty one full day. N1 is always around the corner, so create a circuit that shows you can eat every day [non stop food] w/ physical and spiritual interaction until you acknowledge your Light Order schedule.

1.) Create your Light Structure.
2.) Acknowledge it by doing what you spoke into existence.



A brief explanation on some chomo dimensional realm significance in schedule and affairs. Also the free audio book is a live segment on how to place the pre historia /adam and eve version dark realm in order to mend the relationship solid when all is gaseous. And ground is unheard from this era or genre forelight. The male partner is very subject to scrutiny until they maintain a house. She is delivering a message on existing realms and also vacation ready as the couple are tied on historia preview and display moments.The Wet Fun place and the Library are both locations to provide a way for them to communicate realm Beyonce Light / Tom Dark. And the mess hall after the Cardi Light / Tom Light and Dark era her white glow.
On the first Tom Dark era, she will be diving through:
1. Special Forces; her and him; cellular; engagement. strike force rifle and grena; [SPEED/ACCEL w gpis; GAS ATTACK; MILITIA SPECIAL FORCES version w/ him BOX];[TUNNEL ENTRANCE next to winery for debrief;;]
2. Go out to collect all BOXES; then meet with him;
3. DAY 1 ; PAGAN STORE/toward militia and prepare gang militia assign's; PAGAN DUNGEON for lunch; "PLAY A FORN" ; then PAGAN DUNGEON at night; PAGAN HOUSE for scape and study. Also, exchange coins at STORE for DUNGEON.
4. DAY 2; again;
5. GRAB a MEAL / 2 to 3 PLAY A FORN;
6.  MOTOR GLIDER w/ 2 assign; and him interview and meranda right;;
7. Beyonce Light / Tom Dark; Meetup with special forces and debrief on assign/analog;
8. Cardi Light / Tom Light.; Meetup with special forces and debrief;

PAYING: Starting MONDAY/eats but finalizing on THURSDAY my method. The following:
1. two realms discension that needs to see THURSDAY/as solo law and order [no people]/ANT/U conjuncture;;
2. art/tom dark;tom light/dark genre/ex hus B4 Adam and Eve;;family Light Order/genre tom light/dark playbook;;
3. Oval Hi Ri EXCHANGE CENTER LOCOM WORLD REGIONAL and LOCAL;;locomotive specific all era/classes;
4. PRE SET low altitude w/ casino cash exchange se;;
5. SECLA schedule assort;;/analog gpis;;

CASH: TUESDAY to WEDNESDAY        $1000 down
CREDIT: to THURSDAY        $100 a day
ACCOUNT: Next 6 toward after THURSDAY    $portfoli/refere/names
Metaphysician Notes 8-10

Further Notes HERE on Audiobook 6 and the first article on same page: for more on STARTING OVER:AN UNNACCEPTABLE ATHEIST.

Limited Schedule_Open Relations: With a bacterial reset chromonal exchange

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  1. The Time: Near
    "First Lecture"

    Read everything and get nothing to answer one thing. One person thinks he is the one and there is another that knows it right next to you. Until you witness they astral project each bite you speak. How are they around me?

    1. Can you tell the difference between N1 and Everything? Are they coexist or do they play games to have you know?

    2. Are there two people instead of three? Is he that withered to know something from you? Or does he want to galactic title head you fear to fear each time he speaks? Are you the resenter? And is the N1 with only N1's in front of you.?

    3. Am I the author or the Light One?

    4. Can people reference anything straight?

    Let's Talk! Thanks for your participation!

  2. Skin Type:Ni|g|/Gr=N1
    "Second Lecture"

    There are people all over the world that want something really bad; however the group cannot function cause the N1 galaxy is surviving you in all. Where are they and how can I work around it?

    1. Can you tell if N1 and Everything function skin fragments together or if they are apart? Where are they when they are together?

    2. How firm is the plasma that lay on us and can we purchase any energy given products that propel them?

    3. Am I the author or the Light One?

    4. Is there a "never" existence more than N1? How come all skin dis/e|ase is them and frowns on us a sounded shade to have us to over respond in front of them until they ride a grief silence? Are there any people that want them to do more than this or can I verify what that is before it happens?

    5. Is there a straight or narrow on this subject matter?

    Let's Talk! Thanks for your participation!

  3. Fasting Dry:Never Ni|g|/Gr=N1

    There is a fear that when we fast on the dime, there are people around that do not want us to do that; When I did this quietly and got rid of a certain type of hunger fear, I noticed these people more when I was able. They look at you with the same fear, but it is grief and provoking for you to haul over and panic. Why do I rid them as they are now walking around - being the same but not ever the same.

    1. Which day do I fast once I figure out who N1 is the most? Is this a calculus equation or one that I float into without much effort?

    2. How resistant are these without going into a grief with them; they express this on their face to face you out of fasting. WOAH! Do they dissolve like the non existent once I rode this out away from people? I am in front of people now and able. Why are these ones grim and N1? Why is their face the turmoil and ecstasy as if they invented what you are riding on the behalf of your Light?

    3. When I choose to eat fast [the only fast you are able to do once the face has been exposed by all]; I have to eat daily and start to feel panicked and cannot finish it in a grief state. Like running a marathon. And I love to eat. When all of them are looking at you, are they able to see the food or do they see your zone? Is this the best method? Why are they around me more then the fasting until they are gone? The food is the little bit of an excuse [never for me] but they recognize it for you. Who can deal this entity? N1?

    4. Am I finding the Light is compassionate toward All including N1. However, the law of theirs is expressed as killing spree and no justice. How are they needing me to eat or display a Light way when they are confused more than honest Abe about the tree? Can they need anything more than the food? Their face is unable to see this; so how do they know? What coexist have they expressed as the con vs. a sound con·scious·ness? How are they needing something and where are they going; is likely forever in your own studies and arithmetic until they are gone from the next era of turmoil. Are they the ones you fasted from the very beginning? YES. How many do you see?

  4. SPELLS and MAGIC: Ni|g|/Gr=N1
    Last Lecture

    There is only one existence and exit and entrance. When we hover here in a world of content, we cannot get involved with each other as all are remaining as the Light. We have to cover ourselves and work on different areas. Then, one ; an N1 will know how we are doing it.

    1. When the exit is only a foot away, are we new to this or have we already started this in life each time we start? What are we looking for or is the sight on us as we do? This is the Light Order schedule. Can we get there without friction or is this the only method?

    2. NOT will say it is the only method. You have already existed this area. The other will say to fast now that you have encountered the attack. Where is the line that does finite collection of odds? This is the physical and spiritual that need to have something at the same time until this driven way ends. Are you needing escape? Is it drugs or the food system as paleo or vegan or organic? What are we going to do?

    3. Am I the author or the Light One?

    4. Can one person express our Light Circuit rhythm more than ourselves or do others pattern this ever? None. So when do they try? What do you think happens to them? Who are they that try if Light says NO? If it is the N1 society, yes; then what are they going to do here if the Light is the only exist for the ones that do not face Light and FACE OFF too?

    5. Our spell or magic is the only one that needs our attention. Not anything else. Are you ready for your only true mission that sees you as the LIGHT ONE order of all who face? THANKS!