• 1900s ERA THE BEGINNING [family indian nation.israel oil life/not living/a jew]

  • 1800s ERA THE START [meme category;me head indian white guy oldest;youth serum israel oil for life;the husband fella]

  • 1850 ERA THE REVELATION [meme category; me head/1800s; severed THE LIGHT ONE 1900s head/"wanna three-some"]

  • 1855 ERA THE WOMEN/ROBERT.dylan [meme category; me body & indian tone heads;"who that?"/THE LIGHT ONE 1900s husband fella in question]

  • 1860 GENERATION LIGHT FACTORY [meme light category; me one body/light; severed THE LIGHT ONE 1900s head and body scent toward the husband fella]

  • 1875 GENERATION OIL MILL [meme category; me head/1800s; the husband fella cheats on her over and over]

  • 1890 NATION Z [NOW]

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  1. fasting order;
    1. only family;
    2. art;
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    4. dad/mom;
    5. him/n/all;
    6. murder blood hell;